UGK Inducted Into Gulf Coast Music Hall Of Fame


On Sunday, Legendary Port Arthur Texas duo  were inducted into the Museum of the Gulf Coast Music Hall of Fame.

As reported by the via an article posted to the RR and the late  have been honored for their work over the past 25 years as the duo stepped on the scene in 1987 when Bun and Pimp came together to form .

 released their first major label album, Too Hard to Swallow, in 1992, followed by multiple other albums up until August of 2007 when they released the self-titled, Underground Kingz album that was followed by’s untimely death in December of the same year. Even with  gone, there was still one more album, UGK 4 Life, released from the duo in 2009.

The induction into the Gulf Coast Music Hall of Fame took place in the duo’s hometown during the week of the fifth anniversary of ‘s death.

Bun B, alongside his family, and ‘s mother were on hand to accept the honor.

Bun B gave a statement on being inducted, and his hometown:

We’re one and the same. It is very hard to separate me from Port Arthur and Port Arthur from me and that’s a good thing.

Pimp C’s mother, Weslyn “Mama Wes” Monroe, spoke on the honor and Pimp’s love of their home town of Port Arthur:

Chad loved Port Arthur so much.

She adds:

This is a tremendous thing today.

Master of ceremonies, Sam Monroe, for the induction and also the president of the historical society, explained that certain criteria must be met in order to enter the hall of fame, as he explained to be inducted, you must have roots in Southeast Texas or Southwest Louisiana; they must have received national recognition for their work; they must be represented by “a body of work” and not just a single hit, and public recognition.